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Night Wing
circa 1972-1978
Anne Truitt

acrylic wood

Currently on view at Mint Museum--UPTOWN

Gift of Dr. Philip Cohen

By emphasizing the way in which color and light interact with simple three-dimensional forms, Anne Truitt explored some of the same ideas as artists knowns as the Minimalists. However, she resisted being placed within this movement, as she favored traditional methods over industrial techniques. Truitt’s sculptures are combinations of painting and sculpture that remind her of imagery from her childhood: trees, fences, houses, and walls. As a child, her eyesight was so poor that, until corrected with glasses, she did not realize that trees had individual leaves. This early experience may be understood as an influence on her sculptures that are characterized as masses of shape and color, but with no identifying markers. Truitt wanted to see color three-dimensionally and thoroughly investigated its potential within the sculptural medium, stating: “I want you to feel that you’re responding to the presence of color set free, as it were, into three dimensions, unattached to an object.” The use of a recessed base creates a distance from the floor which makes the sculpture appear as if it is floating in space, defying gravity. This allows the sculpture to be interpreted as an embodiment of form and color rather than understanding the sculpture as merely an object.

Accession Number: 1978.164


height: 72 inches
width: 12 inches

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