The Mint Museum has pieces of its collection spread across two buildings; Mint Museum Uptown and Mint Museum Randolph. These collections can be seen on view alongside our special exhibitions.

The Mint Museum is working diligently to ensure that all objects from our collection are represented on our website, at this time only a portion are available for view.

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Sisto Badalocchio (attributed to)
Christ and the Samaritan Woman
circa 1610-20
Hendrick Goltzius
Circumcision of Christ from "Life of the Virgin"
Francesco Zuccarelli
Rest on the Flight into Egypt
circa 1760-1775
Cornelius J. van der Ceulen
A Man
circa 1653-58
Jan v. Ravenswaay
Spring Bouquet
circa 1825
Jan v. Ravenswaay
Summer Bouquet
circa 1825
Paulus Moreelse
Boy in a Doublet
circa 1600-1610
Unknown Artist
Breviary Page
circa 1350
Jan A. Rotius
Lady with a Mandola
circa 1630-1640
Unknown Artist, probably British
Silhouette of Richard Champion
circa 1770-1780
Unknown Artist, probably British
Silhouette of Judith Champion
circa 1770-1780
Allan Ramsay
King George III
circa 1762
Allan Ramsay
Queen Charlotte
circa 1762
Benjamin West
Husbandry Aided by Arts and Commerce
Eva Pennink
Untitled (Arab woman and sewing tray)
Eva Pennink
Untitled (figures and record player)
Eva Pennink
Untitled (trees, angel, dancer)
Eva Pennink
Untitled (sculpture and three figures)
Richard Hendorf
Forum Romanum
circa 1900
Eugene L. Boudin
La Vue d'Antibes (A View of Antibes)
Felix F. Ziem
Coast of Naples
circa 1860-1870
Georges Michel
circa 1825-1850
Jiri Kolar
circa 1970
Jean-Baptiste C. Corot
Mothois (Oise) Near Gournay-en-Bray
circa 1850-70
John D. Fergusson
Sunlight at Aberdeen
circa 1895-1910
Henri-Joseph Harpignies
Field and Trees
Kate Greenaway
Illustration for November Almanack
circa 1888
Joseph M. Turner (attributed to)
The Aiguillette, Valley of Cluses, Switzerland
circa 1809
Melchoir N. Ohrans
Village with a Tower
circa 1900
Simon W. Frisius
circa 1600
Christian W. Dietrich
Mediterranean Harbor
Amedeo Modigliani
Tête de Femme (Head of a Woman)
circa 1910-20
Portrait of a Lady with Basket of Flowers
circa 1760-1770
Francis Cotes
Portrait of Elizabeth Booth
circa 1763-1765
Camille J. Pissaro
Coucher de Soleil (Sunset)
circa 1875-1900
Gabriel Carelli
Cathedral Interior, Amiens, France
circa 1860-1880
Georges Huet
Bord de Seine au Printemps (Seine Riverbank in the Spring)
Pierre L. Vauthier
Bord de Seine a Rouen (Seine Riverbank at Rouen)
circa 1880-1890
Karel F. Philippeau
Garden Party
George Chinnery
The Honorable George Lake
circa 1802
Unknown Artist, probably British or French
'Eye' Miniature
circa 1800
William McTaggart
The Coast of Macrihanish, Scotland
circa 1905
Unknown Artist, probably British
King George III
circa 1780
Unknown Artist, probably British
Queen Charlotte
circa 1780
William Dickinson
Andromache and Hecuba Weeping over the Ashes of
Gabriel Carelli
Piagino (Knossos Cove)
circa 1860-1880
Gabriel Carelli
Tisa, Algeria
Still Life with Bowl and Fruit
Jan A. Rotius (attributed to)
Still Life with a Pewter Jug
Unknown French Maker
Girl Wearing a Hat
circa 1920-30
Henri Martin
Sunny Day in Venice
circa 1915-30
Filippo d. Pisis
Floral Still Life
Paulemile Pissaro
L'Arbre Rose (The Rose Tree)
circa 1910-30
Maurice d. Vlaminck
House and Road
circa 1930-1940
Frederick W. Watts
Near Hindhead, Surrey
circa 1830-60
Théodore Rousseau
Landscape Study
circa 1850-1865
George Knapton
Portrait of George Montague Dunk, Second Earl of Halifax
circa 1760s
Lemuel Abbott
Portrait of Thomas Turner
circa 1785
Bruges Master of 1480
Portrait of a Donor/Skull in a Niche
Ridolfi Ghirlandaio
Madonna and Child with Four Saints
circa 1515
Francesco Granacci
Madonna and Child
circa 1500
Francesco d. Rossi
Portrait of a Gentleman
circa 1540-1550
Eugene L. Boudin
Les bords de la Touques
circa 1540-1550
Henry R. Morland
Portrait of Queen Charlotte
circa 1540-1550
Cosimo Rosselli
Saint Peter
circa 1490-1496
Charles-Francois Daubigny
circa 1850-1870
Antonio Canova
Allegory of the Arts: Sculpture, Painting and Architecture
circa 1815